Saturday, March 14, 2009

Do we need l10n?

In my mongolian blog, I've posted my thoughts on l10n, and asked whether we need l10n or not. In it I've tried to summarise reasons why we need l10n, what problems we faced during these years, and how we can solve it. Most people expressed that they need it and it's essential to our IT development. It will expand our computer users base, make them more active users. But some people were concerned that localization will slow down english learning, thus we'll have big gap between developed countries when we're trying to closely follow them. In the end, most people endorsed the idea and we decided to form localization team within our Linux user group. From now on we won't talk about whether we need it or not, but how to do it right.

I think that I need one more post on this topic and prove that l10n is essential in our IT development and encourage people to participate in it. Then I need some info on what was changed and what was achievement when you had localized open source software stack, GNOME for example. Thank you in advance. Stay tuned...