Wednesday, May 23, 2007

preparing for InstallFest 2007

Talks about Linux InstallFest 2007 begun about two months ago, and preparation a month ago. We held several meetings on how to organize, promote and whatever related to our second Linux InstallFest. Linux InstallFest 2007 will be held on 27th May, and message will be "Linux is desktop ready, and we have another option".

During 17-21th May we participated ICT Expo 2007 that held at the biggest exhibition center of Mongolia to promote InstallFest 2007, Linux, FOSS. On the closing ceremony organizers were saying that there were about 20000 visitors, great though :). Still, we have a lot to do. Thank you guys from liMNux for doing great job when I was on vacation.

Here is little video from the exhibition:

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Closing Ubuntu mirror server

Sorry that I'm posting bad new. But unfortunately that's the reality. Few days ago we decided to close it due to some limitations, and constraints. First, server hard drive run out of space. Second, server wasn't collocated in ISP, so it's overloaded internet connection of a organization. That's why we decided to close Ubuntu mirror server for a while until we buy brand new server and collocate it at a ISP.

We were thinking about how we could support FOSS, and speed up its adoption. And found out that we could create and maintain mirror server for one of the most popular Linux distros, it was Ubuntu. That would reduce time required for system update, package installation, image download. It took more than a month to sync all the packages and images from the main server. At the same time we were participating and competing with others on SFD2006. We lost the competition because we hadn't complete mirror server. Nevertheless we were continuing syncing, soon we had complete and official mirror server. It did it's job. It was 10 times faster on low speed connection. Mongolian Linux and Ubuntu users grown that 2MB/s of line was overloaded. And organization who rented us server declined to support us anymore.

It was very bad news and very bad decision while we were preparing for Linux InstallFest 2007 on 27th May. I talked to ISPs, they are ready to collocate our server, but we don't have server to collocate. So I'm here to ask for help and support.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hello World

Hello world. This is my first blog post in English and I want to introduce myself. My name is Dulmandakh, 22 years old. I work as president of Mongolian Open Source Initiative NGO and leader of liMNux. Mongolian Open Source Initiative is non-governmental, non-profit organization that will support FOSS development or we will promote, organize communities, cooperate with government and companies. And liMNux is our linux user group, maybe you noticed that name don't use convension.

Sorry, my english is not good, so I may make some mistakes. But through this blog I'll try to share my thoughts, findings and latest news from Mongolian FOSS community :).