Wednesday, May 23, 2007

preparing for InstallFest 2007

Talks about Linux InstallFest 2007 begun about two months ago, and preparation a month ago. We held several meetings on how to organize, promote and whatever related to our second Linux InstallFest. Linux InstallFest 2007 will be held on 27th May, and message will be "Linux is desktop ready, and we have another option".

During 17-21th May we participated ICT Expo 2007 that held at the biggest exhibition center of Mongolia to promote InstallFest 2007, Linux, FOSS. On the closing ceremony organizers were saying that there were about 20000 visitors, great though :). Still, we have a lot to do. Thank you guys from liMNux for doing great job when I was on vacation.

Here is little video from the exhibition:


chen said...

Hi Dulmandakh,
My name is chenthill and i have been working on evolution (mail client for linux). I have a doubt in updating timezone information for Choibalsan. Some source shows that its +8 hrs ahead of GMT but some shows its +9 hrs. Which would be the right one ? I was viewing your profile and once i saw you were from Mongolia and also involved in FOSS, thought you would be the best person to enquire. Thanks in advance !!

Battur said...

I really appreciate your passion for spreading the soul of openness and power to build something extraordinary. I've been using Ubuntu Linux about half an year. From the start I loved it very much, because it didn't bog me to compile keyboard drivers, wifi adapter driver, and so on. Then I thought it was really an OS for human beings. To use, to create, and to spread.

For me(poor english skill), you're already an english monster. Keep going, man! said...

Hi Dulmandakh

I am from India, I think Lot of people are using ubuntu in your country, keep it up and write more


samraat said...