Monday, March 7, 2011

Knowledge saturday

In Mongolia, we have local FOSS community since 2007, and we've been organizing events for non-FOSS users and beginners. But some members of our community were asking for real and practical knowledge sharing than mailing list, forum, wiki etc. We've been discussing how to fulfill this demand, which was more than required to become more attractive for non-beginning users. Now, we have Knowledge Saturday.

Knowledge Saturday is event where volunteer members teach about 3 or 4 topics and it's hold on last Saturday of the month. And within 2 hours will have grasp and practical understanding of 4 topics. First event held on 23th Oct 2010, and the topics were 'How to install Ubuntu 10.10', 'Git - version control system', 'Python 101'. Last was on 26th Feb 2011, and topics were 'Unix file system basics - File owner, group, permission', 'Drawing with Inkscape', 'Symfony - web development framework'. And we're preparing for March 2011, which will be held on National University of Mongolia.

First steps were a bit difficult, because we needed to volunteer speakers, venue and some technical resources. We didn't had chance to record talk during first few events, now we're trying to record talk and make them available on Vimeo. Now it's getting a lot easier because people understand how it's important to have open knowledge, open knowledge sharing. People want to share their knowledge.