Monday, April 6, 2009

First ever community newsletter

Following traditions from global open source community, people from our local Linux user group prepared and published first ever newsletter. This monthly newsletter will feature group's internal events, blogposts from the planet, discussions from Google groups, and also news on Linux and open source software.

Helping to prepare this document I've found some interesting numbers. Created back in late December, our members on Google groups count for 129, topics we've discussed count for 159 and during these discussion we've exchanged 1752 messages. We opened our wiki site in Feb, now it contains about 60 wiki pages. It's great.

You can read it here, but it's in mongolian. So I'll try to summarise it. Up until now, we had no structure, just crowd. It was ok. But when the number of members grow it became difficult to maintain infrastructures in working state, keep information organized. To solve this problem we decided to create Moderators Team. Some of our community members were talking about need for localization and doing it 'right'. So we created Localization Team. Now, team are not so formalized yet like GNOME or some other long living FOSS community. But we're working on it.

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