Sunday, September 20, 2009

Software Freedom Day 2009

Yesterday, we've celebrated SFD 2009 and Linux InstallFest 2009 event with help of 2 professor's team from School of Computer Science and Management. For short, it was real success with more than 400 attendees.

During the event we gave 5 talks about Linux and it's history, migration from windows, open source development, localization and our Linux user community. After localization talk people were asking about how to participate in it, how they can help and so on. Soon we're going to restart localization effort and doing preparation work. In the end, we gave away Ubuntu CD's to every attendee and showed how to install it on their computer.

Thank you FSF, thank you Linus, thank you GNOME project, thank you KDE, thank you Ubuntu. Without you all, there wouldn't be such event.

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